OnBoard Developer Portal

Your one-stop shop for implementing HubBox software


We know it’s difficult to implement software without all of the documentation, code and credentials you need. That’s why we brought everything you need together in one place.

Alongside OnBoard, our technical team are on hand to support you for a quick and simple implementation.

Product owners

OnBoard also includes a wide range of best practice guides for all stakeholders involved in implementing HubBox software, from UX to marketing.

We give you helpful advice and examples to ensure that your launch of the service is a success, to generate customer engagement and to encourage a return on investment.


The average client takes less than a day to go live. However, it can take longer depending on your platform and requirements. Our technical staff will take you through the details.

Yes, the software/widget is fully customizable with over 100 configurable components. Our software will look like your software from the fonts to the colors, pins, language and general look and feel.

No, not one millisecond. We work with some of the largest volume shippers like Macy’s and GAP who, like you, cannot accept any slowdown in site performance.

We have compatibility with the vast majority of ecom systems and would fully support your migration to virtually any platform. Whatever you move to, we will help you switch over. That commitment to support a change is baked into our commercial terms.

We work with subscription services and there are a couple of different ways of handling this depending on your ecommerce system and how you manage your particular offering. For example we work with Beer52 which is one of the largest craft beer subscription companies in the UK.

Yes. We can add your stores as an additional pick up option. We can also push your store locations to the top of search results (where practical) to drive as much foot traffic your way as possible. We can share plenty of examples of this with you.