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Helping retailers and customers reduce their carbon footprint by choosing local pickup solutions.
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How is local pickup a greener solution?

The growth of online shopping has increased the number of delivery trucks on the road, resulting in increased harmful carbon emissions, especially in urban areas. If a delivery is missed, carriers will usually attempt a second (or even a third) delivery, further adding to emissions.

When a shopper chooses local pickup, drivers can deliver multiple packages to one place and cover fewer miles compared to driving from one home to the next.

Plus, local pickup puts convenience in shoppers’ hands. So whether they choose to collect their package from somewhere close to their home, on their commute or near their workplace, overall CO2 emissions are hugely reduced.

Why is greener shipping important?

Conscious consumerism has become an increasingly important part of today’s retail landscape and shoppers know that package deliveries contribute to harmful emissions. With more shoppers looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment, offering local pickup as a shipping method checks both the planet-friendly and convenience boxes.
of US shoppers care about how their online orders contribute to carbon emissions and traffic congestion
say that they would choose a consolidated delivery service over home delivery if they had the choice
of consumers want the brands they shop with to help them live more sustainably, factoring into a greener lifestyle

How it works

Local Options

Customers find their local pickup point and select this option at checkout.

Greener Delivery

Deliveries are consolidated and sent to one place. Emissions are instantly reduced.

Simple Pickup

Shoppers can pick up their parcels at a convenient time. Pickups are quick and easy.

Greener shipping

With local pickup

The software in action

HubBox’s software is completely customizable for your brand and checkout, and optimized for mobile. Our priority is to provide consumers with a great user experience to generate greater engagement, brand loyalty and revenue.

Install HubBox before your competitors do

HubBox is the only software of its kind, already trusted by thousands of retailers around the world. You can find it on checkout pages for everyone from boutique retailers to some of the world’s largest brands. Give customers the option for local pickup – they will love you for it.