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Purpose-built and available on every platform

Click & Collect software at its best

At HubBox, we have built Click & Collect software that easily integrates with your checkout page, giving your customers access to over 4,000 Collect Point locations across the UK.

Our solution is fully compatible with any available ecommerce platform, including custom-built systems.

Because we are not a courier, our solution gives you complete flexibility as to which couriers you use, now or in the future. There are also no changes to your warehouse operations and fulfilment process.

Why HubBox?​


Dovetails with all your incumbent couriers and fulfilment processes​


Our expert team can design solutions for any system or ecommerce platform


Compatible with any system changes and potential delivery speeds


Built with your customers in mind, we always iterate and improve UX

More than just software

Our dedicated team provides:

  • Tech support ranging from self-service documentation to onsite integrations
  • Optimisation guidance to maximise conversions through Click & Collect
  • Access to real-time data and analytics to inform your omni-channel strategy
  • Personal account management and ongoing tech consultancy
  • Product customisation to match your branding, both and on and off site
  • Full QA and UAT included as standard

Flexible enough for any scenario

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Ship from store

Store shipping is becoming increasingly key to fulfilling customer orders rapidly. HubBox lets you ship Click & Collect orders from store as if they were home deliveries - no additional steps necessary.

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Multi-courier capability

Whether you use one courier or ten, HubBox software works across your suite of options. This means you will never have to restrict the availability of Click & Collect to certain delivery speeds.

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Drop shipping

HubBox works with all drop shipping systems because you fulfil like a home delivery. Offer the benefit of Click & Collect whilst retaining the flexibility of drop-shipping.


We know how important it is that your customers have a consistent brand experience across your site.

That's why we offer features such as fully customisable front end design to match your branding and checkout, as well as customisable email communication options.

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