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Intelligent Click & Collect

At HubBox, we've developed powerful Click & Collect software that is simple for any retailer to use.

For the first time, you can offer your customers in-store pickup and local Click & Collect without having to change your courier or existing fulfilment processes.

When you offer Click & Collect, you meet customer expectations, reduce operating costs and generate more revenue.

And with HubBox, you can access these benefits at the touch of a button.

The HubBox Difference

We've worked hard to make it easy

  • Software that integrates with any e-commerce system

  • A user journey built with your customers in mind

  • Launch without making any operational changes

  • 4,000+ locations instantly accessible to your customers

higher AOVs
UK retail launches
customer uptake
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Why Click & Collect with HubBox?

The key to a successful ecommerce business
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Increase Average Order Values
Shoppers who are confident they won't miss their orders spend more by an average of 14% (as compared to home delivery).
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Delight your customers
10% of home deliveries fail on the first attempt. Keep customers happy by ensuring they always have a fail-safe delivery option.
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Reduce Operating Costs
Every missed delivery costs retailers money. Minimise costs resulting from customer issues, redeliveries and reputational damage.

Why Retailers Choose HubBox


"I was especially impressed with the ease of integration. We’ve seen a healthy uptake in customers using this service, which was aimed at increasing convenience and service levels, and giving customers that extra reason to shop from our direct channel."
Joe Fletcher / Ecommerce Director

Goodwin Smith

"Great app, it just works as it’s supposed to! We use HubBox on both our websites, and, and have seen a big increase in the number of conversions at checkout. It also reduces customer service enquiries as customers don’t need to ring/email asking to rearrange missed deliveries."
Tim Smith / Managing Director

Fairfax & Favor

"HubBox has been the most effortless ecommerce success to date. It easily plugs-in to our Shopify website to offer our customers a Click & Collect option that is both affordable and hassle-free for us. What a win-win."
Marcus Fountaine / Founding Director

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