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We empower retailers

In a world where flexibility has become a need, customers want alternatives to home delivery.

Working with networks and carriers across the globe including UPS and DPD, HubBox provides software for retailers to easily launch local pickup options at checkout.


We help carriers

Retailers want to provide more flexible local pickup options. But developing software in-house costs money and time.

HubBox helps carriers, PUDO networks and locker banks to accelerate the growth of their pickup solutions by making it easy for their shippers to implement the service.

How our software works

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Pickup option at checkout
Customers choose between local pickup and home delivery at checkout
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Search and select a location
Customers can search for a convenient location via the map and list interface
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Confirm and complete checkout
Customers chosen location is confirmed and they complete their purchase

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Software implementation


"We have a range of plugins for easy-to-implement solutions on Shopify, Magento and Salesforce. We also provide software development kits for all other ecommerce platforms and custom sites."
Kostas Botonakis / Software Engineer

Developer portal

"We want to make implementing pickup solutions as quick and simple as possible, that's why we built OnBoard to house all of our documentation and support guides in one place."
Shona Yeung / Client Success

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