About HubBox

Developing and delivering great customer experiences through one simple implementation

About us

Who we are and what we do
Our Mission

Building accessible solutions

The HubBox mission is to develop plug-and-play pickup implementations compatible for every retailer.

Pickup solutions are difficult to launch

Customers really love pickup but it can be costly and complex to implement solutions at checkout. That's why we've developed software solutions for retailers to place a pickup option in their checkout in a quick and easy way.

Great experiences are at the heart of everything we do - in the optimized UX of our solutions and in the simple implementation experience for developers and product owners.

We’re experts at this

We're focused on platform compatibility and design, and by partnering with international courier networks we've been able to take the benefits of local pickup to a global audience.

We build great pickup solutions so you don't have to.

About HubBox

Key Facts

  • A team of dedicated developers and client success managers working on software solutions

  • Technology designed to deliver not just packages but also more sales, happier customers and repeat orders for retailers

  • Thousands of global delivery locations bringing pickup to your customers wherever they are

  • Compatibility across every single platform, meaning we've performed more pickup integrations than any other solution provider

Our clients

Working with great brands across the world