We founded HubBox because we believed there was a better way of doing things.

A better way of doing Click & Collect, to be precise.

About Us

Who we are and what we do
Our Mission

Building accessible solutions

Click & Collect is really hard to set up.

We know, because we spent ages as consumers trying to figure out why so few of our favourite retailers were offering Click & Collect at checkout.

And there are lots of reasons why it's difficult to do but basically, it takes too long and costs too much.

So we set about building a solution that would not only give customers the convenience they valued, but would be super simple for retailers to integrate.

We’re experts at this. We're ruthlessly focused on platform compatibility and design, and by partnering with international courier networks we've been able to take the benefits of Click & Collect to a global audience.

We build great Click & Collect solutions so you don't have to.

About HubBox

Key Facts

  • A team of 20 dedicated specialists (+ Ralph the Maltese) working on most user-friendly Click & Collect solution for retailers

  • Technology designed to deliver not just parcels but also more sales, happier customers and repeat orders for retailers

  • Thousands of global delivery locations, that you can turn on at the flick of switch (well, the click of a button)

  • Compatibility across every single platform, meaning we've performed more Click & Collect integrations than any other solution provider


Some people who think we're doing a good thing

We're hiring!

As a fast-growing company, we're always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our team.