Retail delivery technology for ecommerce: how it works

This is fulfilment made easy. HubBox software gives your customers the option to select local pickup at checkout, so they don’t need to worry about being home for the delivery and are more likely to buy. Meanwhile, you get fewer delivery complaints and returns. Here’s how it all works…


The good news: HubBox can be added to any website with a checkout page, and you literally won’t have to do anything. We’ll insert the code for our widget into your ecommerce platform, so the ‘local pickup’ option automatically appears at the checkout stage.

Key points:

  • No need to change your process, or your carrier
  • Appropriate shipping forms for all major carriers – UPS, DPD and more
  • Fully customisable to fit your own branding, colors and design
  • Same day set up for most platforms – sometimes as little as a few hours

Want to get technical?

Learn more about how the technology works


increase in average basket values using Local Pickup


Customers simply add items to their basket as usual and go to checkout. There, the HubBox widget offers options for home delivery or local pickup. When they select local pickup, customers then get to choose the nearest or most convenient location for them.

Key points:

  • Seamless checkout experience for customers
  • Avoids users abandoning carts when home delivery is not convenient
  • The widget can be pre-configured to default to preferred locations
  • HubBox already works with global carriers – whoever you’re with, we’re good to go

Want to see a quick demo?

Try the checkout process

Keeping track

Our established relationships with major carriers ensures a high level of service when it comes to your delivery’s progress. We want to make sure everything is running smoothly.

For the customer: Notifications

Customers expect to be informed of their package’s status. Our software integrates perfectly with your system, so they’ll still get an email from you or your carrier upon dispatch and another when their delivery is ready for pickup.

For you: Post-launch testing

During the first few days or weeks of implementation – depending on the size of your business and the ecommerce platform you use – monitoring will be part of the service. We’ll be able to spot any issues and resolve them quickly.

Pick up

With the package safely delivered, the customer is free to collect it from the pickup point when convenient – during lunch break, on their way home from work or when they pop out for milk, for example.

Key points:

  • Deliveries are completely secure, the equivalent of a ‘signed for’ service
  • Avoids others in the home or building seeing private or surprise deliveries 
  • Packages are stored safely and only redeemed to the recipient
  • Local pickup can be 35-85% more environmentally friendly than home delivery
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Pickup fits into their day.

They don’t have to worry about being in to sign for anything and can pick up their package when it suits them.

Secure and discreet.

Deliveries arrive in a safe place, avoiding packages left on steps or porches being stolen or damaged. And what’s inside is their business alone.

They’ll never miss a package again.

No more wondering where their package is and spending time and energy chasing retailers for replacements or returns.

Higher conversion rate.

With local pickup as an option, more customers will complete their purchase.

Far fewer WISMO calls.

Calls from customers wondering where their package is or when it will arrive will be almost a thing of the past.

Increased order value.

Customers spend an average 22% more when they choose local pickup over home delivery.

Cheaper delivery.

It’s more economical to transport multiple packages to one location, and you won’t have any return shipment costs, either.

Install HubBox before your competitors do

HubBox is the only software of its kind, already trusted by thousands of retailers around the world. You can find it on checkout pages for everyone from home-based makers to established online outlets and well-known brands such as Macy’s. Give customers the option for local pickup – they will love you for it.


Any further quesitons?

The direct cost savings alone typically represent 2-4x greater than our fees. We expect you will generate/save $10 for $1 in fees based on the additional conversions, operational benefits and logistics savings.

Yes. We can add your stores as an additional pick up option. We can also push your store locations to the top of search results (where practical) to drive as much foot traffic your way as possible. We can share plenty of examples of this with you.

Usually, your customers will only be shown the local pickup option if they are based in your country. Please note: if you have customers in other countries and want to offer this solution, we offer international pickup locations through our partnerships with carriers including UPS, DPD, Hermes and Evri.

We work with subscription services and there are a couple of different ways of handling this depending on your ecommerce system and how you manage your particular offering. We work with a number of subscription-based retailers including wine and beer shippers

No need to tell your warehouse anything. These packages are palletized and shipped the same way as the rest of your volume.