The technology behind HubBox.

HubBox technology gives retailers and their customers access to thousands of global pickup locations via best-in-class user experiences. Our technology is trusted by thousands of retailers – from some of the world’s largest ecommerce businesses to boutique online stores – to offer customers local pickup delivery options via an easy-to-use map interface.

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Reduction in your delivery costs

Seamless integration

HubBox’s innovative software is available in a range of flexible and convenient options, including easy-to-install plugins, customizable SDK, and a lightweight JavaScript integration. This means that HubBox’s solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any ecommerce technology stack and easily configured. Our technology is mobile-first and expertly designed to provide a seamless and intuitive checkout experience.

Key points:

  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Up-to-date availability for pickup locations 
  • Interface is customisable to your brand and site styles
  • Configure your network of pickup points to show or hide particular locations and even display your own stores to your customers


HubBox technology can be provided via a plugin, SDK, or JavaScript snippet. Integrations are supported by a HubBox Client Integrations manager who will provide access to our software and developer portal, schedule technical calls, and complete client-specific customizations.

How long it takes: 

  • on Shopify: 1 hour
  • on Magento 2, WooCommerce and similar: 2 days 
  • on Salesforce: 5 days
  • for custom systems: 10 days

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Developer portal and software

OnBoard is HubBox’s developer portal, providing retailers with technical documentation, UX guides, and FAQs. Our documentation provides step-by-step instructions on installing and configuring HubBox software. You can also access guidance on marketing the service to customers as well as recommendations on how to generate customer engagement.

Key points:

  • Platform-specific integration guides
  • UX recommendations and best-practice guidance based on HubBox’s experience of thousands of integrations
  • Marketing and promotion support including downloadable assets
  • Code snippets and configuration examples
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Pickup fits into their day.

They don’t have to worry about being in to sign for anything and can pick up their package when it suits them.

Secure and discreet.

Deliveries arrive in a safe place, avoiding packages left on steps or porches being stolen or damaged. And what’s inside is their business alone.

They’ll never miss a package again.

No more wondering where their package is and spending time and energy chasing retailers for replacements or returns.

Higher conversion rate.

With local pickup as an option, more customers will complete their purchase.

Far fewer WISMO calls.

Calls from customers wondering where their package is or when it will arrive will be almost a thing of the past.

Increased order value.

Customers spend an average 22% more when they choose local pickup over home delivery.

Cheaper delivery.

It’s more economical to transport multiple packages to one location, and you won’t have any return shipment costs, either.

Install HubBox before your competitors do

HubBox is the only software of its kind, already trusted by thousands of retailers around the world. You can find it on checkout pages for everyone from home-based makers to established online outlets and well-known brands such as Macy’s. Give customers the option for local pickup – they will love you for it.