UPS Access Point

Let your customers choose from thousands of convenient locations across North America and Europe


How it works

Ship to UPS Access Point is a shipping option that allows customers to choose from thousands of convenient and secure pickup locations at checkout.

Locations include The UPS Store locations, local businesses, and major retailers like CVS and Michaels.


Save on every delivery

Every time a customer chooses Ship to UPS Access Point, you will receive cheaper shipping rates and you won't have to worry about return costs for failed shipments.

Our software

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Our software is customizable for your checkout and optimized for mobile.
We focus on providing your customers a great user experience to generate better engagement and higher returns.
It's also really simple to implement!

Software compatibility

We are UPS Ready®

UPS Digital Connections

HubBox is a UPS Ready® provider which means that our solutions are certified to meet the global requirements held by UPS to achieve world class quality.

We're also a member of the UPS Digital Connections program, so you may be eligible for financial help to implement Ship to UPS Access Point with HubBox.


Customers love UPS Access Points

  • Thousands of Access Points across North America and Europe putting a location near almost every customer

  • Extended business hours, open on weekends, and some locations staying open 24 hours

  • Secure locations which eliminate the chance of missed deliveries or porch thefts

  • More environmentally friendly as the service reduces carbon emissions by up to 85%

Some of our work


Pottery Barn



UPS Access Point
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Retailers shipping up to 25,000 orders p/a
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Retailers shipping up to 50,000 orders p/a
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Retailers shipping up to 100,000 orders p/a
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Shipping more than
100,000 orders p/a

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