Alcohol retailers and wine delivery

HubBox is the only software of its kind, already trusted by thousands of retailers around the world. You can find it on checkout pages for everyone from home-based makers to some of the world’s largest brands. Give customers the option for local pickup – they will love you for it.
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Reduce your delivery costs by as much as 25%

How HubBox works for alcohol delivery

When customers select their order online and proceed to checkout, they will see an option for local pickup alongside standard delivery. Here, they will be able to choose a place for secure, local collection at their convenience.

This is particularly helpful for alcohol and wine delivery. Age and ID is verified at checkout, packages are stored in a safe, secure place, and your order is completely discreet (great for gifts).

Depending on your carrier, customers could chose to pick up their order from nearby:

  • Supermarket or grocery store
  • UPS Access points
  • Pharmacy or drugstore
  • Pickup lockers

How HubBox helps customers decide to shop with you

of shoppers have abandoned an online purchase due to unsatisfactory shipping options
of online shoppers want the option of an alternative delivery location
of consumers say they will shop with a competitor if they offer more convenient delivery options

What customers love about local pickup

  • Plenty of convenient locations to choose from near home, workplace or shopping
  • Packages stored in a safe, secure location, avoiding doorstep theft
  • Pickup locations are accessible, open long hours and hold packages for 7-14 days
  • No more missed deliveries or trying to be in when a package arrives


of consumers say their work/life habits are now ‘back to normal’ or busier than they were pre-pandemic, making home deliveries less convenient

The big upsides for you as an alcohol retailer

  • Offering local pickup increases customer confidence and convenience, leading to more completed and higher purchases
  • Dealing with fewer returns and missed deliveries saves you both money and time
  • Eliminates customers needing to wait at home to sign for the package
  • Less driving and fuel consumption, shipping costs going down and you get better green credentials
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We’re ready if you are

We’ve been working with UPS, DPD, Evri and other major carriers to make offering your customers local pickup as smooth and easy as possible. Our simple, customizable technology integrates seamlessly with every kind of checkout as well as your carrier’s systems, enabling us to meet the carrier’s global requirements to achieve world class quality.

The software in action

HubBox’s software is completely customizable for your brand and checkout and optimized for mobile. Our priority is to provide consumers with a great user experience to generate greater engagement, brand loyalty, and revenue.

Install HubBox and boost wine sales

HubBox has developed a better way for the alcohol industry to handle their deliveries. By offering an additional checkout delivery option customers can select a secure, Access point sometimes open 24/7 near their home or offices.