Manière de Voir drives higher order values through HubBox

Contemporary British brand Manière de Voir sees boosted conversion rates and higher average order values by offering Local Pickup with HubBox


increase in average basket value when customers Local Pickup


of orders fulfilled through Local Pickup over peak

The challenge

Offering local pickup saves shoppers the hassle of receiving a delivery. It puts the power in their hands, enabling them to choose a location and time that’s convenient for them. A survey by Quidini found that 71% of UK shoppers value the option of local pickup – no doubt due to the post-pandemic world leading to an unpredictable balance between work and home.

That’s why HubBox has teamed up with leading UK courier DPD as their software partner for DPD Pickup . With 6,500 pickup locations across the UK, DPD’s network is far-reaching and offers a secure way for shoppers to pick up their parcels from a chosen location, including retailers like Sainsbury’s, Post Office and Matalan, as well as newsagents and pharmacies.

The benefits of using DPD Pickup go further than just convenience for customers. Retailers benefit from discounted shipping rates, average order values have been shown to increase by over 55% as shoppers purchase more expensive items knowing that their orders won’t be left on their doorstep and carbon emissions are cut significantly as couriers can deliver multiple parcels to a single location.

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“Considering how easy and affordable it was to set up HubBox, the return on investment for Manière de Voir has been brilliant. We can see really clearly the impact that offering Click & Collect has in terms of driving higher average order values, and our customers are really satisfied by how simple it is to check out with HubBox and collect their parcels”.

Michael Boyle ,Maniere de Voir’s – Head of Digital and Marketing

The Solutions

HubBox ticked many of the boxes for the type of solution Maniѐre de Voir was looking for. The speed and convenience of installing HubBox was one of the main reasons Maniѐre de Voir chose to use their software to power CIick & Collect. “The fact that HubBox was so simple to integrate was a big selling point for us. Apart from that, it also just looked great on the Shopify Plus platform”, Michael Boyle added. With clear documentation and a frontend that was easy to customise, HubBox was up and running on Maniѐre de Voir’s website within a matter of hours. Without having to make any additional changes to their fulfilment process, MdV’s customers could now collect their parcels from over 4,000 Collect Point locations across the UK.

The result

Within 10 months of installing HubBox, Manière de Voir saw:


increase in AOV for Local Pickup orders (vs. home delivery orders)


of orders Local Pickups during the peak period (November – December)

High rates

of customer satisfaction: shoppers found the process simple and intuitive to follow

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