Surf Apparel Retailer Saltrock partners with HubBox in order to provide nationwide Click & Collect

05 July 2018
Hub Box

Saltrock is a British surf-wear brand focused around travel, surf, and adventure apparel. Its items are built “by surfers, for surfers”, offering beach-like clothing that is comfortable and durable for men, women and children.

It was founded in 1988 by two brothers travelling around the world searching for the best places to surf, eventually leading them to Cornwall, England. Saltrock has grown from selling self-printed t-shirts out of a car, to a successful international clothing brand. However, they never “sold out”, as it is still a family-owned business, which their consumers appreciate.

Saltrock upholds its strong values of “sharing the surfing ideal with the people from the surfing community and those outside with the same values and attitudes”. It focuses highly on their customers, striving to deliver the best online shopping experience as possible. This is why it has partnered with HubBox, to provide their customers with a Click & Collect service that ensures a parcel will not be missed.

Saltrock’s partnership with HubBox is a win-win for both the company and their customers. It will permit their customers to have more convenience when picking up their parcel at no extra cost while having a smooth integration with minimal disruption to the Saltrock website. Additionally, it causes no changes in the delivery process, as HubBox’s software works with any delivery service and any delivery speed; so Saltrock’s standard delivery of 4 to 5 working days, or next day delivery, will still be available when using HubBox.

At a time when 24% of all apparel sales are done online, it’s important for companies to make the order and delivery process easier for customers. Click & Collect is appealing to consumers because it allows flexibility with a lower delivery cost. Through HubBox, Saltrock offers customers Click & Collect through a network of over 4,000 Collect Points across the UK. This will minimize the problem of missed deliveries, and as a result, increase customer satisfaction for Saltrock.