“Say Yes to Everything” – HubBox on the Startups Secret Podcast

28 June 2019
Hub Box

HubBox CEO Sam Jarvis recently featured on the Startup Secrets Podcast, where he spoke to host Seb Francis about the HubBox journey so far, what successes have been achieved and some challenges overcome along the way.

The  hour-long episode covers HubBox’s startup journey over the past few years – from being sworn at on a crowded tube by an angry passenger through to what it’s like to onboard some of the biggest names in retail and expand your business into the US. In this candid conversation, you’ll learn more about why it’s important to “Always say Yes”, what an ‘idea validation process’ can look like and how HubBox took the first steps to signing users on both sides: vendors and consumers.

If you’re curious about learning a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes and hearing Sam’s top tips for future entrepreneurs, you can listen to the relevant episode here. Thanks to the Startups Secret Podcast for having us!

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