Retailer RMDY Partners with HubBox to Offer Nationwide Click and Collect

17 July 2018
Hub Box

Clothing retailer RMDY has partnered with HubBox to offer nationwide Click & Collect across the UK, eliminating the problem of missed parcels. This integration will benefit its customers by saving them both time and money.

RMDY’S addition of HubBox services is due in part to the recent increase in popularity of Click & Collect services with consumers, as 72% of UK shoppers currently use it when shopping online.

With HubBox, customers will now have the option to have their products shipped to one of 4,000+ local collect points. This offers ultimate flexibility by allowing them to pick up their parcels at the place and time of their choice.

Offering Click & Collect gives companies the upper hand, as it increases speed and convenience throughout the entire order and delivery process. More and more retailers are beginning to integrate it into their system because it’s becoming a significant factor for customers when ordering online, as 88% of consumers cite speed as a reason for using Click & Collect.

HubBox not only benefits customers, but RMDY as well. The company’s system integrates smoothly with minimal disruption to the retailer’s website and causes no changes in the delivery process. HubBox’s software is compatible with any delivery courier and any delivery speed, so customers will still receive their parcels with RMDY’s standard delivery of 2 to 4 working days.

Additionally, integrating the Click & Collect service can increase online conversion rates for retailers. Because it provides reduced shipping costs, it gives customers an extra incentive to go through with their online purchase, instead of abandoning their cart.

RMDY provides designer streetwear with an urban vibe, giving their customers an original style to stand out from the rest. It strives to keep up with the latest trends and has progressed significantly due to celebrity influence and a growing social media reach.

Now with HubBox, RMDY can offer high quality clothes with a high quality click and collect service.