Online Pharmacy Chemist 4 U Partners with HubBox Click & Collect

09 July 2018
Hub Box

The online pharmacy Chemist 4 U has launched a Click & Collect service in partnership with delivery specialists HubBox, enabling customers to order and collect their medications from over 4,000 collect points across the UK.

Chemist 4 U allows their customers a hassle-free way to receive their medications. However, this system doesn’t work if customers aren’t home to receive their parcels. This is where HubBox comes in, as Chemist 4 U can deliver to Collect Points, where they are ready for customers to pick up at the place of their choice, at the time of their choice.

HubBox allows retailers to offer their customers convenient, local collection at checkout, regardless of what e-commerce platform they use. Its technology imports the customer’s chosen Collect Point as the delivery address – so couriers simply deliver there as if it was a home delivery. Additionally, its software works with any delivery partner and any delivery speed, meaning no changes to the retailer’s system.

Chemist 4 U and HubBox are significantly similar in the fact that both their purpose is to provide more flexibility when it comes to order and delivery. Chemist 4 U’s mission is to run its business with “a commitment to providing outstanding services to the people, make their life easier and more comfortable and enabling them to reap maximum benefits form their prescriptions.” Through HubBox, customers will now have the assurance that they won’t miss their parcels of prescriptions.

This partnership simply allows more convenience, and benefits both the customer and Chemist 4 U. Because the Collect Points are always available to receive parcels, first-time delivery rates increase for Chemist 4 U. This reduces not only direct re-delivery costs but also customer service time. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash

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