Black Friday: What you can do to get the best deals

21 November 2018
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Black Friday, a day that can usually seem overwhelming, as it’s filled with early wakeup calls and long queues, is right around the corner. Though soon, it isn’t too late to start planning ahead for the big day, and it can actually be much simpler than you think. Consider these five Black Friday strategies to cut the stress of Black Friday shopping.

1. Check ALL the advertisements or you’ll miss out on the best deals

As Black Friday approaches, it’s important to keep on top of all of the advertisements. You will most likely be receiving many emails regarding your favorite retailers upcoming discounts, but don’t disregard the ads you receive from other retailers-you might even get the most bang for your buck if you go out of your way to look for other retailer’s deals on the items you want. This way, you know you are getting the best price for that flat screen TV you want, even if you aren’t purchasing it from your go-to store.

2. Subscribe to newsletters to get exclusive deals

Though you may already be seeing Black Friday promotions everywhere you look, it’s still important to subscribe to your favorite brand’s emails and newsletters. By signing up to receive promotional emails, you won’t only be able to stay updated on the best deals which will be provided by the retailer, but you might even get early access to a sale or an exclusive coupon that non-subscribers don’t get. So, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! You don’t want to miss out on special promotions from your favorite stores!

3. Want early access to Black Friday deals? Be super active on social media and follow your favorite brands

Similar to subscribing to a store’s newsletter, make sure to follow all of your favorite brands on social media. Retailers tend to give their followers sneak peaks into their best promotions for Black Friday and many even give first dibs on their promotions to those that follow them on their social channels.

4. Beat the lines-shop online

Not much about waking up super early, waiting in long queues, and fighting over the last pair of shoes in your size, sounds very appealing. Though some, dedicated, shoppers like to shop in-stores on Black Friday, many stores have the same exact deals online. You may even be able to find online-exclusive deals that you wouldn’t be able to find in stores. If you have the option to shop and save money from the comfort of your home, why wouldn’t you do it?!

5. You’re doing Black Friday wrong if you only look for deals on Black Friday

If you decide to skip the early morning lines and just shop online, and even if you plan to do both, it’s important to note that many online deals start early! Due to the success of Black Friday these past few years, retailers get antsy about being the first to drop their special promotions. It’s not unusual to find Black Friday deals dropping during the day Thursday, American Thanksgiving, or at midnight Thursday night. Be ready to act fast for these early deals, as these are known to sell out the quickest-but can sometimes be the most rewarding.

Black Friday can definitely be an overwhelming day, but if you plan ahead and do your research, it can truly be a breeze. Even as the big day looms near, these few tips & tricks will help you make the most of this year’s Black Friday deals.