5 Reasons Why Conversion Rate Optimisation Is Important for Your eCommerce Store

26 July 2018
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Conversion rate optimisation is one of the most effective strategies used by eCommerce managers and site owners when working on improving orders and sales. Whilst increasing traffic might get you more visitors to your site, it won’t necessarily bring you more converting customers and so a holistic approach covering on-site analysis and improvement is key.

There are a wide range of benefits for conversion rate optimisation, particularly for eCommerce stores.


1. Understand Customer Behaviour

Before launching CRO Activity, a full website analysis must be done to analyse the performance of your site. This also gives you the opportunity to fully analyse and better understand how customers typically behave whilst on your site. With the use of tools such as heat-maps, Google Analytics and more, you will be able to gain a better insight into how customers use your site. This will help you to see where users are engaging on-site, what pages or areas users tend to avoid, and if there are certain patterns that can be distinguished from particular users.

Understanding customer behaviour will give you a better idea of the way a typical user utilises your site, providing you with the opportunity to see when and why they may not be converting, and what their specific needs or preferences may be. Insights from this exercise can then be taken on board for other marketing communications, product analysis and other customer analysis exercises.

2. Improve User Experience

Gaining a better understanding of how customers use your site will allow you to identify what steps and actions need to be taken to improve your site for your customers. Improving your site and providing a better experience for your customers will certainly help to increase conversions, as providing a more seamless and obstacle-free customer journey will result in more customers making a purchase.

3. Identify and Fix Problems

CRO analysis is highly useful in that it helps you to identify which areas of your site are not only underperforming but are broken, thus allowing you to easily find solutions and ensure customers can find their way around your site without any issues.

CRO tests will help you to pick up on any problem areas on your site, and will also help you to understand the issue at hand for you and your customers.

4. Add Site Value

CRO can be instrumental in helping you to better understand the value of your site. By identifying which pages on your site perform better and which convert more than others, you’ll be able to able to work on improvements for your site in the key areas.

This will then allow you to either improve high performing pages even further, ensuring that the most used pages on your site are as optimised as possible.

5. Reinvest Money in Retaining Customers

Focusing your efforts on conversion rate optimisation and improving your website will save you the money it would take to acquire new customers. Instead of spending time, money and effort on acquiring new visitors and attracting more traffic to your site, investing in CRO can prove to be much more worthwhile and can have a stronger ROI.

Improving your site will ensure that customers who do land on your site will not only have a good experience but will also be more likely to convert and make a purchase.

CRO is Key

Conversion rate optimisation is highly beneficial for eCommerce stores, and can vastly improve overall performance and value.

For eCommerce store owners, ensuring their site is performing to a high standard is of utmost importance, as an underperforming site will not convert well. Frequently reviewing your CRO processes and analysing your site will help to keep things running smoothly.

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