Why Click & Collect

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Convenient delivery has never been more important

Ecommerce has changed the nature of shopping forever. Delivery and fulfilment however, haven’t always kept pace with online developments and in a world where most households are empty during the day (60% in the UK) weekday home delivery doesn't always make a whole lot of sense.

Offering Click & Collect doesn't just solve the problem of missed and failed deliveries. Convenient collection, whether from store or a local pickup point reduces carbon emissions from delivery vehicles, improves customer satisfaction levels and generates additional revenue for retailers.

Why your customers love Click & Collect

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Choosing Click & Collect prevents missed deliveries, saves time and gives control back to the customer, which is probably why 72% of all online shoppers chose to collect their items from a store or collect point in the last year (UK).
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Every delivery made to a local collection point reduces carbon emissions from vehicles by consolidating orders and eliminating missed deliveries. 25% of shoppers say they prefer Click & Collect as it's better for the environment.
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Customers who know they have a secure delivery option are more likely to add more items, and items of higher value to their cart, resulting in a revenue uplift for retailers - an average of 15% increase per order compared to home delivery.
The Retailer Benefit

HubBox makes Click & Collect accessible to all retailers

  • One integration enables Click & Collect to collect points and stores

  • Compatible with all ecommerce platforms and checkout variants

  • Reduce delivery costs by avoiding missed deliveries and residential surcharges

  • Demonstrated to drive increased uptake rates

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