Ralph is great at barking

But not so good at accepting parcels.
Never wait in for a delivery again.

What is HUBBOX?

The easiest way of ensuring you never miss another delivery.

  • HubBox is the personal Click & Collect service that allows you to pick up your online shopping from a Collect Point near you
  • Sign up to get your unique HubBox ID and choose your HubBox Collect Point - we have over 4,000 locations across the UK.
  • Shop online anywhere, enter your HubBox ID and Collect Point address at checkout - and pick up at your convenience!

How it Works

Using HubBox when you shop online is easy

Start with a Free Parcel

It's easy to use HubBox! Sign up today to find your nearest Collect Point and receive a unique HubBox ID. Your first parcel is always free!

Deliver to a HUbBox location

Shop online and use your HubBox ID and Collect Point address when check out. Your parcel will be delivered to your chosen HubBox Collect Point.

You're in control

Decide when and where you pick up your deliveries. There are no commitments or tie-ins, and you pay only when you collect your parcel. Simple, every time.

We charge £1.95 per parcel collected from a HubBox location.
You are only charged on collection.

Our Collect Points

We’re partnered with over 4,000 locations across the UK who together help us run the HubBox Click & Collect service.

A HubBox location could be anywhere from a convenience store or pharmacy to a children’s clothing boutique, but they all have one thing in common - they provide excellent customer service and a convenient, environmentally friendly way of managing your deliveries.

Get Started in 1-2-3

Shop Online

Once you've signed up, using Click & Collect with HubBox couldn't be simpler.

1. Shop online at your favourite retailer
2. When you're ready to checkout, add your HubBox ID after your surname and replace the delivery address with your Collect Point Address.
3. You can easily access your details in your MyHubBox account, available on web and mobile.

Collect at your Convenience

Once your order arrives at the Collect Point, you will receive a HubBox confirmation email with a secure collection code. Use this code or your ID to pick up your parcel at a time that suits you.

With HubBox you always have a 14-day collection window.

Ready to get started?

Welcome to never missing a delivery again