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Give your customers the choice of thousands of convenient locations across the UK


How it works

We run a network of 6,000 convenient HubBox Collect Points across the UK. All of our locations accept parcels from any carrier, so there's no change to your fulfilment process and it's the perfect solution for multi-carrier retailers.

Our Click & Collect solution was created with your customers in mind and is fully supported by our in-house customer services team. The result is an easy to use solution that offers desirable pickup locations like pharmacies, newsagents and dry cleaners.


Designed to deliver more

Three-quarters of shoppers have abandoned a cart due to unsatisfactory delivery options. Providing customers with local pickup options at checkout isn't just more convenient, but it makes them more likely to convert and spend more.

Other reasons to choose HubBox Click & Collect include:

  • Save on costs by reducing failed or missed deliveries

  • Offer your customers a greener delivery option

  • Encourage return customers who want to use local pickup

Our software

See HubBox locations

Our software is customizable for your checkout and optimized for mobile.
We focus on providing your customers a great user experience to generate better engagement and higher returns.
It's also really simple to implement!

Online shoppers want more choice

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in average order value due to the conversion of higher spending shoppers
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expect and want to be offered a pickup point as a delivery option when they checkout online
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Click & Collect guarantees successful delivery and reduces the cost of missed deliveries

Customers love HubBox Click & Collect

  • Over 6,000 locations with 95% of the UK population living within 4 miles of one

  • Extended business hours, open on weekends and some locations staying open 24 hours

  • Secure locations which eliminate the chance of missed deliveries or porch thefts

  • More environmentally friendly as the service reduces carbon emissions by up to 85%

What our customer say

Skinnydip London

"With the customer at the heart of everything we do here at Skinnydip, we wanted to offer a service that enables them to be able to collect their order with ease. As a business we want our customers to have the best possible experience both online and in-store, and we feel like working with HubBox really takes us that step closer."
James Gold / Co-founder


"I was especially impressed with the ease of integration. We’ve seen a healthy uptake in customers using this service, which was aimed at increasing convenience and service levels, and giving customers that extra reason to shop from our direct channel."
Joe Fletcher / Ecommerce Director

Brown Bag and Woodhouse Clothing

"Adding HubBox was easy. We know how much our customers value convenient delivery when they shop with us, and even in a short time frame we’ve been able to see the tangible returns on customer satisfaction and revenue from adding HubBox click and collect."
Paul Bradley / IT and Operations Director


UK Click & Collect
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Retailers shipping up to 50,000 orders p/a
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Retailers shipping up to 100,000 orders p/a
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Shipping more than
100,000 orders p/a

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