Evri ParcelShop

Let your customers choose from thousands of convenient locations across the UK.
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Reduce your delivery costs by as much as 25%

How it works with Evri ParcelShop

The Evri ParcelShop network offers customers over 8,500 convenient and secure pickup locations and lockers at checkout.

Locations include corner shops, fuel stations, and independent businesses that are typically open 7 days per week for easy, convenient collection

How using HubBox with Evri ParcelShop makes customers happy

increase in average order value due to the conversion of higher spending shoppers who choose a pickup point as a delivery option
of shoppers expect and want to be offered a pickup point as a delivery option when they checkout online
cheaper per parcel is what you should expect from Evri ParcelShop than standard delivery

What customers love about Evri ParcelShop

Our software is customizable for your checkout and optimized for mobile.

We focus on providing your customers with a great user experience to generate better engagement and higher returns.

It’s also really simple to implement!

  • Extended business hours, open on weekends, and some locations stay open 24 hours
  • Secure locations which eliminate the chance of missed deliveries or porch thefts
  • More environmentally friendly as the service reduces carbon emissions by up to 85%

The big upsides for you as a retailer

Evri ParcelShop significantly reduces transportation costs. That’s because every time a customer chooses an Evri ParcelShop, you’ll receive cheaper delivery rates and you won’t have to worry about return shipment costs for failed deliveries.


of shoppers will abandon an online purchase due to a lack of shipping options

We’re ready if you are

We’ve been working with Evri to make the whole process of offering your customers local pickup as smooth as possible. Our simple, customizable technology integrates seamlessly with every kind of checkout.

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The software in action

HubBox’s software is completely customizable for your brand and checkout and optimized for mobile. Our priority is to provide consumers with a great user experience to generate greater engagement, brand loyalty, and revenue.

Install HubBox before your competitors do

HubBox is the only software of its kind, already trusted by thousands of retailers around the world. You can find it on checkout pages for everyone from boutique retailers to some of the world’s largest brands. Give customers the option for local pickup – they will love you for it.