Manière de Voir drives higher order values through HubBox

Luxe sportswear brand Manière de Voir saw a 23% increase in average basket values when customers chose Click & Collect at checkout

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Manière de Voir uses HubBox Click & Collect to offer convenient delivery for customers

Contemporary British brand Manière de Voir sees boosted conversion rates and higher average order values by offering their customers the option of Click & Collect at checkout.

 The Results

After installing HubBox at checkout, Maniѐre de Voir saw:

  • A 23% increase in AOV for Click & Collect orders (vs. home delivery orders)
  • Increased demand for Click & Collect over the ‘peak’ period: 18% of orders were Click & Collected in November  – December 2018
  • Customer satisfaction with the solution: “Our shoppers have found it really simple to follow the whole process from placing the order to collecting in store; HubBox is really intuitive and easy to use.”

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Considering how easy and affordable it was to set up HubBox, the return on investment for Manière de Voir has been brilliant. We can see really clearly the impact that offering Click & Collect has had in terms of driving higher average order values on sales.
Michael Boyle, Head of Digital and Marketing