Integrate Ship to a UPS Access Point™ with HubBox


What is HubBox?

We are a specialist technology company and UPS® Digital Connections Program provider. Our checkout software allows you seamlessly to integrate Ship to a UPS Access Point™ as a delivery option.

With over 20,000 UPS Access Point™ locations across the US, your customers benefit from increased delivery choice and convenience, and you can reduce your carriage costs, all without the burden of developing the solution in-house.

By integrating HubBox through the UPS® Digital Connections Program, you can take advantage of discounted prices, and reduced upfront costs.

Our Solution

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Our software integrates a searchable location map into your checkout journey, customizable to your brand
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With over 500 integrations under our belt, we know exactly what works to drive maximum customer uptake
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Gain access to 20,000 UPS Access Point™ locations - there’s one within 5 miles of 90% of the population

Why Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location?

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Residential surcharges do not apply for orders delivered to a UPS Access Point™ location
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Customers spend approximately 15% more per order when they know delivery is guaranteed
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Reduced missed deliveries saves customer service time from WISMO calls and minimizes customer returns
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60% of customers will choose one retailer over another because of their delivery options

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Find out how you can generate more revenue while saving costs with Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location

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Getting Started
How do I get started?

If you already have a UPS® Digital Connections Approval code, please fill in the contact form above these FAQs or email to speak to one of our team. If you’re not sure, talk to your UPS Representative to see if you qualify for the UPS® Digital Connections program before reaching out.

Why use HubBox?

HubBox are Click & Collect software experts, with over 500 integrations completed worldwide. HubBox enables online retailers to launch Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location significantly faster and cheaper than developing the technology in-house, helping you navigate past all the unknowns of first time Click & Collect software development. In doing so, you can also satisfy customer demand for alternate delivery locations.

How long does it take to launch?

The total implementation time depends on the e-commerce platform that your online store operates on. For example, Ship to a UPS Access Point™ can be launched in a matter of hours on Shopify, whereas other platforms vary. Prior to any integration, HubBox will provide an integration timeline, as well as any required documentation and support throughout.

What is the launch process?

Once your application through UPS® Digital Connections has been approved, we scope out the integration required and provide a timeline for the development work, a plan for testing, and optimization guide post-launch.

The Product
What e-commerce platforms does HubBox work on?

HubBox’s software is compatible with all major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Opencart, SAP Hybris, ASP.NET, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and Oracle. We also perform custom integrations for any platform not listed above – get in touch above if you want to find out more.

What will the Product look like on my website?

You can see examples of our checkout widget at either or

Can I book a demo?

Of course! You can request a demo here.

Pricing and Billing
How much does HubBox cost?

HubBox offers a tiered pricing plan depending on your e-commerce platform and how many packages you deliver through UPS each year. What you pay depends on your e-commerce platform and how many packages you deliver through UPS each year. You can either choose our monthly option or pay annually to receive an additional discount. Please contact us for more information on pricing. 

How does HubBox charge?

You can either pay monthly or choose our annual option to receive an additional discount on top of the UPS® Digital Connections program rate. Any amount over your UPS® Digital Connections subsidy will be paid directly to HubBox.

How do I apply my UPS® Digital Connections Approval Code?

When placing your order, HubBox will ask for your UPS® Digital Connections Approval Code. HubBox then verifies the code with UPS and, once approved, can proceed with the next steps.

What discount do I get per package with Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location?

The saving per package depends on the residential surcharge you pay and the Ship to a UPS Access Point™ location fee – however, the estimated savings are $2.50 per consignment (subject to change).

What support and maintenance does HubBox offer?

Once you’ve launched Ship to a UPS Access Point™ with HubBox, you’ll be assigned a HubBox Account Manager. They’re on hand to ensure your solution continues to perform and will provide consultation to help grow customer uptake.

What privacy policy applies?

Customer details are held in accordance with the HubBox Privacy Policy:


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