Green Shipping

Helping retailers and customers reduce their carbon-footprint by choosing local pickup


How does Local Pickup or Click & Collect options help the environment? 

We all love the convenience of online shopping but what about the impact of all those deliveries? The growth of online shopping has led to an increase of delivery vans on our roads, especially in urban areas, which results in harmful carbon emissions. It's even worse when we miss a delivery as this results in a return to depot and a second (or even third) delivery attempt.

When a customer chooses local pickup, drivers are able to deliver multiple packages to one place and cover fewer miles than driving from one home to the next. This means fewer trucks on our roads and no wasted trips for re-deliveries.

Offering local pickup options that are near to customer's homes or that are on their commute route, also reduces the number of packages which are delivered to customers' places of work. This drastically reduces congestion and CO2 emissions in our cities and urban areas.


Why is green shipping important? 

Customers know that package deliveries contribute to harmful emissions and traffic congestion. As a result, conscious consumerism is becoming an increasingly important part of today's retail landscape.

Shoppers' behavior is changing, with more customers looking for ways to reduce their carbon-footprint and save the environment. Offering pickup options as a shipping method allows customers to collect orders at their convenience from a location close to home.

  • 41% of US shoppers say they care a great deal about how their online deliveries contribute to increased carbon emissions and traffic congestion

  • 55% of US consumers say that, given the choice, they would opt for a consolidated delivery service over individual home deliveries

  • 88% of consumers want brands to help them live sustainably

How it works

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Near and local
Customers find their local pickup point and select this option at checkout.
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Green delivery
Deliveries are consolidated and packages sent to one place, emissions are instantly reduced.
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Simple pickup
Customers pickup at a time convenient to them.

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