In-Store Click & Collect

Dynamic software for simple in-store collection

Powering in-store Click & Collect for the world's leading retailers
HubBox Connect

In-store Click & Collect designed to be compatible and convenient

When your customers shop with you, they don't segment their journeys into 'online' and 'offline'. Offering in-store Click & Collect is an essential service that shoppers have come to expect - in fact, in-store Click & Collect represents 35% of all online orders today.

Using the same technology that powers thousands of collect points, our intuitive and flexible solution works with any e-commerce platform and in-store operating system.

We make it easy for you to create the right shopping journey for your customers.

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Easy to use
Our in-app training tour is all you need to get started
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Device Compatible
Our software works on any hardware you have
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Quick to Implement
Set up your in-store location in minutes

Selling on Shopify?

You can access our Connect solution directly on Shopify
Product Features

Simple in-store management

  • Branded application that runs on your chosen hardware

  • Simple and intuitive to use, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience

  • In-app staff training to make rollout quick & easy

  • Manage communications to your customers with Click & Collect promotions

Why offer in-store Click & Collect

An essential component of a successful multichannel business
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Delight frequent shoppers
Click & Collect shoppers purchase 3x more often than home delivery customers
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Boost omni-channel sales
61% of Click & Collect customers make an additional purchase in-store
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Meet service expectations
Leading retailers see more than 40% of all orders Click & Collected
Track Results and Optimise Performance

Manage Click & Collect

  • Compare and assess how Click & Collect is performing for each store

  • Access a live stream of data and customised reports

  • Set capacity rates per store to manage order volumes for each location

  • Turn Click & Collect for stores on and off depending on season or staffing levels

  • Control when communications and reminders are sent to customers

  • Create Click & Collect orders over the phone for people calling to enquire

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