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Accelerate retailer and shopper uptake to drive
package drop density into your network


The rise of pickup networks

Carriers across the world are investing more in pickup point and locker networks. With the cost of home delivery increasing and shoppers expecting more flexible options, the need for carriers to make their out-of-home solutions simple is more important than ever. Pickup options offer:

  • Higher margins through increased drop density

  • Cheaper and better shipping options for retailers

  • Flexibility and a greener choice for shoppers


The challenge for carriers

Due to cost, time, and resource, fewer than 1% of retailers offer collection from a pickup point or locker. This means that the volume of packages going into pickup locations is a fraction of what it could be.

We know that every retailer wants to offer a more flexible delivery choice while saving on transport costs. The challenge for retailers is that building the solution can be costly, time-consuming and sometimes impossible to do.


HubBox has the solution

We provide a simple technology platform
Our software is compatible with all ecommerce platforms. This enables retailers - from SME to enterprise - to launch pickup solutions that are easy to implement and use. See the demo to discover why

We take care of your sales proposition
With proven experience in selling pickup solutions to retailers, our team ensures we go far beyond offering local pickup software to deliver a proposition that will drive retailer and shopper uptake

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retailer systems
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